One of the things we love about being in real estate is getting to see some of the wonderful and eclectic design choices people make. There is so much variety and it's so interesting to see people's personalities shine in their home decor. We are able to help our sellers design to show their homes and there is definitely an art to bringing out the best features of a room and property as a whole. Sometimes that does mean creating a space that appeals to many different people, but that doesn't have to compromise on style. Take this lovely living space with lots of blue hues that feel modern, comfortable and certainly tons of coastal vibes too! What do you think? Could you see yourself living in a space like this?


Designing your home is one of the most fun parts of moving into a new house. We have seen clients who have bought complete "fixer uppers" and brand new homes, who still make a big impact on their space with their personal design choices. We appreciate the variety of preferences and think thats what life is all about - variety! So whether you like shabby chic, beach decor, or ultra modern Scandinavian design, we would love to see your space! 

If you need help with interior design after a home purchase or to get your home sold fast give us a call, we have a great team we work with and can get you connected!

Brad Jones